Elizabeth Povey 1860-1940

Elizabeth Povey's birth was registered in Reading and is recorded in the births register for the second quarter of 1860. She was daughter of Joseph and Ellen and the 1861 census shows that her father was a coachman. The census reveals that she was the only child in the household with her father's age show as 38 and mother 31. Elizabeth's own age is shown as 8 months which would suggest that she was born in June or July 1860.

Ten years later at the 1871 census Elizabeth has an eight year old sister, Annie. Her mother is now working as a nurse, but her father was not at home on the night that the census was recorded. Both sisters are shown as being scholars and would probably attended Shinfield School.

In 1881 Elizabeth had a job as a domestic servant in the home of Lloyd Baxendale and his family, Greenham House, Newbury. The occupation recorded on the census is under housemaid. There were 12 servants employed at the house.

I have not yet found the whereabouts of Elizabeth in 1891.

At the time of the census in 1901 Elizabeth recorded as a visitor at the Wheatsheaf Inn in Shinfield. There was no occupation recorded for her.

By 1911 she is living with her widowed uncle, Matthew Povey at 51, George Street in Brighton. Matthew's wife Jane died in 1910 so it is reasonable to presume that Elizabeth was invited/asked to live with them to help look after them. Mrs Povey died in 1910 and Matthew lived on until 1915.

It would seem that Elizabeth Povey, who remained a spinster throughout her life probably did not have a permanent home of her own until she became 'head of the household' at 51, George Street after her uncle's death.

Her last will and testament was dated 11th March 1932 and was she used J. Lord Thompson and Weeks of 30, New Road, Brighton to draw up the document. It would appear from other documents in the family collection that this firm of solicitors was used regularly by the Goodridge and Povey families who lived in Brighton.

She was 80 years old when she died in 1940. The probate record shows that she died on 8th October that year leaving an estate valued at £531 14s. 2d. Probate was granted to the son of her 1st cousin John Povey Goodridge. John is described as a farmer.

The solicitors account produced to cover the costs of managing the estate and the distribution of the residual funds to the six nieces and nephews indicates that Elizabeth's niece Annie Lewendon cared for her during her final illness. Her sister, Annie would have appeared to have died in 1933.

Relationship to John Povey Goodridge: Elizabeth was 1st Cousin once removed. Her father, Joseph and John's granddad, Richard along with Matthew his step-granddad were brothers.

Post cards sent to Elizabeth Povey.

Elizabeth Povey's profile page on Wikitree

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